Ariane was born in Bonn, Germany and is a self-proclaimed “child of the world.” She moved to Sierra Leone, Africa at the age of 8-weeks, beginning the first of her many global adventures. Her immediate introduction to the international community was the result of her father’s position as a German Ambassador. Stations in her life included Freetown in Sierra Leone, New Delhi, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Antananarivo in Madagaskar, Miami, New York, Berlin and London. Currently she resides in Los Angeles and Berlin.

An important benefit of her worldly childhood was the fact Ariane learned to appreciate and respect the differences these varying cultures offered as well as an innate awareness of what it means to be a citizen of the world. In addition, Ariane learned to fluently speak five languages — English, German, Spanish, French and Italian, currently she is studying Mandarin.

Ariane’s philanthropic, activist and business initiatives combine in related efforts focusing on aid for people in need, animal welfare and green/earth-friendly endeavors.



Private, as well as in business, Ariane is an active Vegan and has trademarked the movement AVAP™, which is an acronym for As Vegan As Possible™. Through her AVAP™ portal she is building awareness among all interested people in the personal and global benefits one derives from having a lifestyle that is based on being “As Vegan As Possible”. The message is clear: many small changes lead to big changes and one should individually strive to do the best one can in order to effectuate change on a larger basis. Awareness is the foundation of this movement.



PETArianeS-A4-Entwurf2As an animal right’s advocate, Ariane supports multiple awareness campaigns with her time as well as financial resources and includes being a PETA ambassador among these endeavors.

Ariane Sommer