The Bible of Behavior


Die Benimm Bibel aka The Bible of Behavior – 21st Century viewpoints on lifestyle and etiquette

The Bible of Behavior, a guide to personal style and etiquette, published by Argon and Fischer Publishing Houses, was an immediate success in the German speaking markets. The clever, hilarious and socially relevant insights of Sommer broke the barriers of the more traditional books of the genre and was hailed as “The style guide for the Sex and The City generation.”

Know the rules of social interaction, a powerful tool to help people get along better, but also know when and how to break these rules. This is the premise of the Bible of Behavior. Using wit, grace, common sense and a dash of sass, will insure surviving and even more importantly thriving in this new century.

The Bible of Behavior is an insightful, contemporary guide to proper and effective behavior fit for the challenges of modern life.
In times where the formal protocol of days gone by has been replaced by the ‘anything goes’ mentality of our fast-paced world, many people feel lost and out of balance. To move within a society without the knowledge of its rules is like climbing a staircase without a railing. One false step and down you go.

The Bible of Behavior does not instruct the reader on how to correctly dissect an orange at a five star restaurant, nor does it teach how to properly address the Queen of England. The Bible of Behavior is more than a mere guide on etiquette.
It will brace the reader with the basics of protocol and decorum. What truly is needed to get along and around in the modern world – from how to elegantly attend a seated dinner, to proper cell phone etiquette, to how to respectfully navigate a one-night stand. Even more importantly, the Bible of Behavior is a guide to good over all style and awareness. It teaches the reader how to gracefully encounter any situation in life and how to master responsibly the many challenges we are faced with as an aware citizen of the world.